About Us

Who are we?

We are what we travel

It’s a statement that defines both the cultures of the world and us as industry professionals. We see tourism not just as a simple commercial transaction, but as the natural result of making a profession of our passion. The Divercity Travel team has come together to organize group tours from a range of backgrounds. We are united by our studies in history, literature and geography, but above all by a shared passion for travel.

All of us have many years’ experience as guides and event organizers. 

This means we bring our combined experience to bear on the design of tailor-made tours with the expertise of one who has actually experienced the destination through travel, not a screen.  

What do we look for?

We seek agencies and tour operators who don’t want to be just another client, but who share our vision of working together to develop tourism projects. This implies medium- to long-term collaboration: we believe an excellent product is achieved through dialogue and attention to detail. Taking good care of travelers means offering real value and building loyalty.

We’re against uncontrolled mass tourism and believe group tours have the potential to once again become authentic experiences. We have 15 years’ and thousands of travelers’ worth of experience.

What do we offer?

As tour operators, we offer tailor-made group trips for tour operators and travel agencies seeking an excellent product. We take this approach because we believe you should be able to adjust and refine the final product according to your needs, wishes and budget. We offer our clients the possibility to design tours that offer the best possible value for money on the market. 

All our tours are examples that can be adjusted to the specific requirements of each group. A generous budget is an advantage when designing a good trip, but it’s not everything. Common sense, good taste, a vision of travel as a space for learning and personal development, all this keeps our partners coming back to work with us.