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Hernán Kurfirst

Tour Designer

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  • Europe
  • Our proposal: 14 days - 13 nights


  • Venezia-Mestre (1)
  • Ljubljana (1)
  • Split (2)
  • Dubrovnik (2)
  • Budva (1)
  • Ohrid (2)
  • Skopje (1)
  • Sofia (3)

Day trips

  • Postojna
  • Zadar
  • Zagreb
  • Kotor
  • Rila

Stunning mountain landscapes, medieval cities forgotten for centuries and now World Heritage Sites, real Mediterranean gastronomy at reasonable prices. All this has made the region one of the most desirable tourist destinations in recent years.

With the war a distant memory, a visit to this cultural melting pot halfway between Rome and ancient Byzantium enriches our understanding of Europe. 

Today, we know these countries as the Balkans (the word means ‘mountain’ in Turkish). To some, they seem to lie at the very edge of Europe, but nothing could be further from the truth. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Croatia, among others, sit right at the heart of the continent and historically were key to the development of the whole Mediterranean region.

Crossed by significant migrations which shaped their customs, they are a real melting pot of religions and cultures. Cities like Dubrovnik, Split, Sofia or Sarajevo are the stars of these colorful Old Continent landscapes. 

We’re particularly excited about this tour and believe it offers great value for money. We have over 10 years’ experience in the region and work with the best hotels, guides and services to design your tailor-made Balkan trip.

We are what we travel. dIVERcITY Travel.
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