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  • Our proposal: An itinerary according to your preferences.

Travelling in a small group is an ideal format these days. It can be a trip with close family or good friends. In the past, a totally customised and private trip was only accessible to a chosen few, but nowadays we can offer this type of service, which has great advantages over other forms of organised trips, at very competitive prices.



  • We provide you with a high-quality vehicle (VAN) with a driver/guide who will drive you safely throughout Europe. Along the way, we will provide you with cultural and practical information that will enrich your experience.


  • The VAN can seat 6 adults (or approximately 4 adults and 3 children). The amount of luggage is restricted by the VAN’s capacity. We recommend one carry-on size bag and one piece of hand luggage per person.


  • You can choose the location and quality of your hotel accommodation, from the comfortable and charming to 5-star luxury. Aside from scheduled activities and hotel check-in times, your schedule can be very flexible.


  • You can decide how long you wish to stay in each place. We will draw up an itinerary that meets your preferences, which can be modified by prior arrangement, making the trip a truly customised project.


  • The basic structure of the trip offers hotels, VAN, and your driver/guide. Then you can complement it with the activities of your choice; dining out in recommended restaurants, excursions with local guides, tickets to museums and palaces, etc.



To make a trip of a lifetime, you need the best information and input from the professionals. There are many travel options out there: you can travel on your own by plane, train, or rent a car and make your own itinerary. Or you can choose to travel in a large group following a fixed itinerary. Both of these options have advantages and disadvantages. The “VAN EUROPA” project has significant advantages, which are as follows;


  • You will avoid the headache of renting a car, finding parking, traffic fines and restrictions that are more and more frequent in cities.


  • The minimum advance booking period is shorter than for other types of organized trips as small group travel means a greater choice in room availability and better hotel options.


  • Our offer is door to door. You won’t have all the inconvenience and expense of cabs and shuttles and it frees up time for you to enjoy your trip and travel companions.


  • The size of the transport vehicle and the driver/guide’s experience means that you can travel on the most scenic routes and stop at the most beautiful viewpoints while discovering the intimate corners of the region you travel through; this would be impossible to discover on a bus or on your own. Our trip combines the best of travelling solo with the best of travelling with a guide. We can offer you maximum flexibility, without significant time constraints, making the trip a relaxing experience.


  • The “VAN EUROPA” format offers you the healthiest travel environment as we comply with established protocol and you will only share enclosed spaces with your family or chosen group, limiting unnecessary contact.
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