Lapland and two nordic capitals

From the city to untamed nature

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  • Europe
  • Our proposal: 11 days - 10 nights

Lapland is a distant, untouched corner of the old continent. Here you can still hear the silence in the endless forests of conifers and birch, across the vast plains and huge lakes that embody a way of life defined by cold nature.


  • Helsinki (2)
  • Saariselkä (3)
  • Inari (2)
  • Estocolmo (3)

Winter has shaped the character of Europe’s far northern peoples. Traveling at this time of year means we experience the destination in its purest state. On this trip, we’ll enjoy the adventure of a sleigh ride pulled by Huskies, a visit to a reindeer farm and driving a snowmobile. 

The native Sami people are one of the last nomadic peoples in Europe, living in nature and nourished by it both in body and soul.

We’ll fish for king crabs, giants of the Barents sea which we can try at a local lunch. We’ll also visit an ice hotel where we’ll hold our farewell dinner.   

And, of course, not forgetting the star attraction: the Northern Lights. While visibility is never guaranteed, nine nights in Lapland means we should have plenty of opportunities to see them.

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