The beer capitals

A dynamic, fun and surprising trip

Hernán Kurfirst

Tour Designer

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  • Europe
  • Our proposal: 9 days - 8 nights


  • Prague (3)
  • Pilsen (2)
  • Munich (3) during Oktoberfest

Day trips

  • Nuremberg
  • Kelheim

A dynamic, fun and surprising tour designed for beer-lovers and anyone keen to immerse themselves in the world of this fascinating drink.

We now know beer was first brewed by the Sumerians. However, it wasn’t until the XII century that Central European monks gave it the textures and colors we know today. On this trip, we’ll visit the main beer capitals and take part in tastings and visits to breweries, all while traveling through some of the most beautiful landscapes in continental Europe.  On arrival in the Bavarian capital, Munich, we’ll spend our last few days at the most important beer festival in the world: Oktoberfest.

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